Past Event

Korean class - March 2024

Won Buddhism 2024. 4. 9. 14:27

To communicate with more locals, we opened free Korean classes on five Saturdays in March.


The classes booked out quicker than we expected.


There were many enquiries and interest, however we kept the classes limited to 15 people.


The participants were diverse from 7-year-old children to seniors in their 70s, who were all enthusiastic and demonstrated that learning can be fun.


The classes included with learning Hangul (Korean writing system), greeting, basic expressions, and helpful phrases to use in Korean restaurants.


The participants were keen on further learning, so we provided more Korean classes (but a small fee).


In the coming spring, we are planning to open registration for more Korean classes. So, stay tuned !


If you want to be informed of Korean classes in the future, please let us know.