Past Event

Kimchi Workshop with Meditation 26.05.2024

Won Buddhism 2024. 5. 29. 10:54

Last Sunday, 26th of May, the Centre held a special event - Kimchi Workshop with Meditation.

There were 34 participants, many of them were new to Won-Buddhism. 

pre-preparing ingredients

As 10 AM approached, the parking lot filled up with participants.


For the first hour, we had a Meditation program in the dharma hall. 


To begin with, as there were many newcomers, Rev. Imnyung introduced, about Won-Buddhism and the Founding Master Sotaesan briefly. Also, she explained The Truth of Il-Won-Sang and the Fourfold grace, connecting our daily lives.


Then, we all practiced meditation and a few healing exercise postures, with her guide. 



At 11, We moved to make kimchi!


Firstly, we learned how to make Kimch and Radishi Kimch from Rev.Inmyung. She explained the ingredients and demonstrated how to coat cabbage with the paste well. 



Then, everybody took a few cabbages and practiced coating.


For Lunch, we had Kimchi jjigae (stew) and our handmade kimchi with our few Korean dishes. 



We had a great time together! Thank you all for coming. See you soon again!